What is Vin d'œuvre?

Vin d'oeuvre is a play on words made up of the French "vin" (wine) and "oeuvre" (work). It deliberately alludes to "main d'oeuvre" (craft) and "chefs d'oeuvre" (masterpiece).

We are Vin d'œuvre!
Because our wines should convey the idea of impeccable quality combined with class and elegance - the result of our work in the vineyards and in the cellar!

1 + 1 = Vin d'oeuvre

The blend makes the difference - and that's why there are two of us!

Isabella and Stéphane met while studying oenology in the canton of Vaud. Their relationship has not only been professional, but they also have been a couple for several years. They have two children.

Their common strength lies in the breadth of their individual professional experience, their different interests, as well as in the contrast of their personal traits, which nevertheless harmonize perfectly, just like a good wine.

© H.-P. Siffert

Isabella Kellenberger

Isabella, like Stéphane, graduated from the Ecole d'Ingénieurs in Changins (Vaud). After graduating as an oenologist, she completed internships in New Zealand, Chile and California.
Back in Switzerland, she worked for various companies, devoting most of her time to sales and marketing.

For Vin d'oeuvre, she is now back in the vineyard herself and also lends a hand in the winery.

Isabella has also been a member of the board of Swiss Wine Promotion since 2017, promoting not only Vin d'oeuvre but also believing in the quality and th potential of Swiss wines and her talented colleagues all around the country.

Isabella likes wines with intense fruit aromas that unfold their potential with force on the palate and continue to resonate pleasantly for a long time.


Stéphane Kellenberger

Stéphane worked mainly in Lavaux (Vaud) during his training as an oenologist. A short trip to South Africa gave him an insight into wine-making practices there.

After graduating, he worked as a cellar master at Vennerhus in Grosshöchstetten (Berne) and later at Cave des Bernunes in Sierre (Valais). There he took mainly care of the vines.

Thanks to his versatile and long experience in production, he is very familiar with modern vinification techniques and is able to apply them in a targeted manner.

Since 2015, Stéphane has chaired Vitival and thus not only works the winery's vineyards but he also influences Valais vineyards in terms of sustainability and biodiversity.

Stéphane prefers precision and at the same time complex wines, which are elegant and rich, yet delicate even after years of aging.