Cornalin Vitis Antiqua

Cornalin Vitis Antiqua 1798

The Cornalin Vitis Antiqua 1798 is a joint project of originally 5 winegrowers from Leuk:

Jörg und Damian Seewer, Leukersonne
Christoph Matter, Landsknechtweine
Yves Zen Ruffinen, Cave de la Pinède
Karl Bovet, Rhonetaler Weine
Isabella und Stéphane Kellenberger, Vin d'oeuvre

The wine of this traditional grape variety comes from a 220-year-old vine that can still be visited in the center of Leuk.

Shoots were cut from the original grapevine and multiplied in a vine-nursery. Today, each winegrower owns a vineyard of this old Cornalin, which is cellared and marketed together.

The label is designed annually by an artist selected by Galleria Graziosa Giger. Thus, art and wine are united in a unique project.






Cornalin 2019

Cornalin Vitis Antiqua 1798      2019



The painting is from Nicolas Fournier.


Fr. 45.00 / 75cl

Cornalin 2018

Cornalin Vitis Antiqua 1798      2018



Christine Mühlberger has painted the image.


sold out

Cornalin Vitis Antiqua 1798      2017



Image created by Eva-Maria Pfaffen. 



Fr. 45.00 / 75cl

Additional information in French or German: Vitis Antiqua 1798.