Our philosophy

In the vineyard

Good wine is created first and foremost in the vineyard and we put our heart and soul into it every day. We attach great importance to the terroir, the harmonious interaction of soil, climate and vine - and the resulting working methods. Important insights are gained from these factors which influence our decisions, such as when to replant a vineyard.

Due to the steep slopes of our vineyards, all work is done by hand.
The yields are kept small in order to be able to harvest high quality grapes. Healthy, ripe berries harvested at the optimal time are a prerequisite for a good wine.


In the cellar

A great deal of care is also taken in the cellar. The grapes are processed as gently as possible in order to exploit their full potential. We give our wines the time they need to develop optimally. Maturing in barrels gives the wines complexity, making them mouth-filling and rich. In addition, the shelf life of the wine is increased.