Our red wines


Gamay   AOC Valais   2023

to die for


An old saying goes "jamais du Gamay" (never drink Gamay). That certainly does not apply to this noble drop. We are clearing up old prejudices and would (figuratively speaking) die for it.

We believe in this great grape variety: fresh, elegant and youthful. Pure fun!

Fr. 19.00 / 75 cl

Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir    AOC Valais    2023

chant du Rhône


The Rhone river murmurs softly as it meanders through the riverbed – it rushes, splashes and gurgles and tells us stories of green meadows, mountains and cows, of wild and mild weather, of children's laughter and of the grape year.

It must have enchanted our Pinot Noir with its singsong. Just as it has enchanted us.

 Fr. 12.50  / 50 cl
  Fr. 18.00 / 75 cl


Red Temptation

 Assemblage Rouge    AOC Valais    2022

red temptation


Here the name says it all. We lead you into temptation.

This wine can easily be combined with anything; even with a lively chat with good friends – also without appetizers.


Fr. 20.00 / 75 cl

The Secret

Assemblage Rouge    AOC Valais    2022

the Secret

Can you keep a secret?

Which crisp grape varieties are used for this fruity blend? You can even share this secret with your friends and it still remains one! Because our lips remain sealed about what lies behind this beauty – otherwise, it would no longer be a secret, right?

And yes, this red wine can also be kept for a long time in your cellar.


Fr. 17.00 / 50 cl

Noblesse Oblige

Pinot Noir   AOC Valais   2020

noblesse oblige

100 percent elegance flows from this bottle of Pinot Noir in its purest form. Still young, it is already characterized by intense berry fruit and a little pepper. The aging in French oak barrels extends the complexity and adds vanilla, caramel and a delicate smoky note to the fragrant berry aroma.

So they say: noblesse oblige


Fr. 35.00 / 75 cl
from Fr. 205.00 /  300 cl

Humagne Rouge

Humagne Rouge    AOC Valais    2022

born to be wild

This wine is wild in several respects: A somewhat labor-intensive grape variety in the vineyard, a wine with animal characteristics and finally a fabulous companion to game.

We have specially tamed it in the barrel.

Fr. 30.00  / 75 cl
 Fr. 64.00 / 150 cl
from Fr. 195.00 / 300 cl


Gamaret    AOC Valais   2022

flames of desire


You can't get more passion in a bottle: we poured it into our Gamaret.

We hope it is contagious!



 Fr.  22.00 / 50 cl
back in stock mid-April    Fr. 33.00 / 75 cl 
 Fr. 70.00 / 150 cl
from Fr. 200.00 / 300 cl


Syrah     AOC Valais    2021

love never dies


You know this annoying so-and-so who is always a bit better than you - more success, a nicer house, a better job, a faster car? Our Syrah is also such an achiever. Something you can brag about. Or in the worst case: wash it down (with lots of pleasure).


    Fr. 45.00 / 75 cl
  Fr. 94.00 / 150 cl
from  Fr. 250.00 / 300 cl