Sensible and sustainable vineyard management

What is more captivating than a brief encounter with local wildlife out in nature? The observation of an ibex exploring the steep vineyards of Raron; a roe deer finding shelter in the nearby forest in Leuk; a small viper resting in the shade of a vine in Fully; or a western green lizard sunning itself on a dry stone wall in Visperterminen?

Wine as a natural product is close to our hearts and so the sustainable cultivation of our vines is also a personal matter for us. We consciously support the biodiversity of grasses, herbs and insects in our vineyards. Terraced slopes and the space between rows are planted with vegetation to preserve the diversity of flora and fauna and to improve the structure of the soil and protect it from erosion.

We actively participate in cantonal projects such as Vitisol that seek alternatives to the use of herbicides. Our vineyards in Raron, with a diverse flora, are among the recognized biodiversity promotion areas in Canton Valais.

We manage all our vineyards according to the Vitiswiss guidelines for of natural and sustainable production and its cantonal arm Vitival, of which Stéphane was elected president in March 2015.

In order to obtain a perfect harvest quality, we consciously use—but limite to an absolute minimum — plant protection products. The products used are precisely targeted and are neutral towards the beneficial insects in the vines.

But it is not only in our vineyards that we focus on sustainable production; in the winery, as well for the whole company, too, we regularly consider current ecological requirements and are gradually improving the infrastructure.

All our wines carry the Vinatura label, which recognizes the above points as a holistic concept and focuses on sustainable production in viticulture and in the cellar.
For purely aesthetic reasons, we do not use the logo on our bottles.